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Implementing Change Plans?

Perception Management Utilize this Hidden Asset
– it will be a Game Changer for you –

It’s a given that today’s relentless pace of change will only increase. That means you will not have the time, energy or capacity to deal with all the issues. Plus the higher expectations will challenge you to stretch many of your leadership competencies beyond a point you thought possible.

When change plans falter, it’s because someone underestimated the importance of someone or something. You need a game changer more so than another layer of competency. When you are the driving force for implementing bold change plans, you need a different mindset and multi-layered ways to reshape others thinking.

Each leader’s capacity for influence is not equal. The crucial question every change agent needs to ask is: 

“To what degree do I exert significant influence on those I’m either engaging or impacting with complex change plans?”

Game changers – Sensors are everywhere collecting data: in our cars, homes, on our bodies, and in our personal devices. We have all seen and felt the effects of data collection. A game changer for individuals is Perception Management. It can impact your level of influence in similar ways that data reshaped business models, and electronics made cars smarter.

Plans don’t implement people do. They need leaders who can reshape thinking, open others adaptability and enable them to find better ways to put expectations into practice.

Learn how perception management is a hidden asset and can become a game changer for leaders. Developing perception management skills will push boundaries – yours and others. Judi will show you the power of influence that she and her clients have used to accelerate change bringing significant value to individuals and their businesses.

Judi Walsh Management Behavior CoachJudi Walsh is a Perception Management coach and speaker with extensive experience working in change management implementation.

She specializes in coaching management talent through transitions, perception management, and adaptability. 

Her clients say her presentations and programs are ‘eye-opening’, relevant, engaging and readily put into practice.

Hidden Asset is available as a presentation or a Learning Lab and customized for: Change leaders, change agents, business development or finance and technical groups. If you have a group that needs to adapt their thinking and behavior to drive necessary changes, let’s talk. Call me at 416.761.1533 or

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