Perception Management

Perception Management



Perception management skills are crucial for remaining relevant in your key working relationships. Although the list of leadership attributes and behaviors is fairly constant, the way we work has shifted drastically, creating new norms and emphasizing a different set of abilities than ever before.

There’s a vast array of programs telling you what perception management skills you must have for your role. Each person is a distinct and different individual, working in diverse organizational cultures this means a recipe approach is rarely the best fit.

You already have an asset base. So why do a makeover?  My approach is to help you build upon your perception management skills.  The challenge we all face is that ‘what got us here, won’t take us there’ without adapting to keep up with the higher expectations and accountabilities.

Why not leverage what you have, and learn what fits for your needs and aspirations?

Most leaders do not have an accurate picture of what others see when they are in one to one interactions or in meetings.  Seeing the video of your latest presentation is not the same as being on the receiving end of your intensity or inspiration.

At this stage of your career, isn’t it time you see what others see when you are:  

  • Powerful or powerless?
  • Inspired or indifferent?
  • Authentic or disingenuous?

Curious? You can learn more by reading I Can’t Believe They Said That!

Wondering whether perception management could improve your effectiveness?

Complete the complimentary Needs Audit that best fits the role you are concerned about. It will help you see areas that may need adapting or development. You can print a copy for future reference and a copy automatically comes to me. I will not contact you unless you choose the optional discussion.

Optional: take advantage of a 45 min complimentary discussion to interpret your findings into insights unique to you.

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