Development Options

Development Options for Management Talent

  • Outcome focused coaching

  • ROI identified and quantified

  • Customized approaches for unique individuals and circumstances

The behavior of key players can make or break your business strategy. When expectations escalate, providing external coaching support means you increase their ability to influence outcomes and execute under pressure. Management talent will outperform when they are:

  • Self-aware of their impact and influence on others
  • Others aware and able to read signals and interpret behavior
  • Context aware when communicating and able to factor in hidden expectations
  • Able to navigate differences, disagreements and discord with a positive impact


Do you have any of these situations?

A High Performer taking on a key role…

  • Bigger challenges
  • Higher stakes
  • Key multi-level relationships
  • Ability to engage others in new ways of thinking, seeing and doing
  • Messenger for driving new ways of doing things
  • Influencer for changing hearts and minds

An Executive achieving business results, but…

Using negative behavior that’s creating retention issues for solid performers and causing employee mistrust in the management team and human resources.

A Manager moving into a new role…

  • Higher expectations
  • Wider circle of working relationships
  • Increased influence


It’s a given these individuals will all be required to influence outcomes and execute under pressure. If only there was a one size fits all – but there isn’t with diverse leaders. 

Each person is distinct and different.

Since the early ‘90’s I have used video as a way to increase a leader’s awareness. Many people are unaware of how they look when confronting someone, challenging authority, disagreeing with a colleague they disrespect or delivering bad news. Many are aware they have a ‘killer look’ yet haven’t seen it nor experienced being on the receiving end of it.

So often leaders think their presentation skills video critique tells all but that process uses different measuring criteria. What the Perceptions process reveals is the messages an individual’s behavior sends. They aren’t kidding when they say “actions speak louder than words”.

We know that mixed messages are not as effective as clear ones. It’s important for key players to tap into their ‘goldmine’ of unique data so they have a realistic view of their strengths and blind spots and integrate those into their development plans.

Perhaps you have a particular situation you need to find development options for. I’d welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts and recommendations on what would help them move from where they are now to where you need their leadership qualities to be.

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What to expect if you are a high-potential leader seeking development

Each learning situation is distinct and depends upon your desired outcome, you as a person, your challenges, and your work environment. Coaching will be a combination of diagnosis, discovery, and development. The degree and depth varies, depending upon your needs, those of your role, and your work situation.

Development focus comes from results of your in-house assessments, internal feedback, and the ASK diagnostics and discovery processes. Three proprietary processes that will be tailored to your individual needs and outcomes are:


Perceptions: The 3 I’s©
Impression Management, Impact, and Influence

The Perceptions video process:

  • reveals whether you are shaping perceptions by design or default
  • whether or not your self-perceptions are aligned with others perceptions
  • provides clarity about your current effectiveness levels of impression management, impact, and influence
  • reveals what others see when you are under pressure
  • shows your range of communication abilities and how your thinking impacts expression and messaging in one on one interactions and meetings

Who has time to waste? Studies show that leaders have a tendency to either over estimate or under estimate their current competency levels, which results in misguided effort.

Perceptions: The 3 I’s© will connect dots you knew were there but hadn’t linked to behaviors and outcomes for self-managing, handling higher expectations or managing differences and diversity.

You’ll take away a video providing you with personalized development areas. In addition, the MP3 version of your customized action plan makes it easier to reinforce your new awareness and to adapt behaviors.

Perceptions:  is not a presentation skills or body language training program. Nor is it a critique. It’s an assessment of the thinking and expression tendencies that have helped you get to your current level – something you can continue building on for years to come.

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Discover Your Behavior Fingerprints©
Names the drivers beneath your behaviors

This process is not a lengthy questionnaire. It is a discovery discussion that reveals the unique ‘fingerprint’  of  why you do what you do. Such as:

  • where you go when under pressure
  • what are obvious or hidden blind spots
  • reasons why some abilities are over or underdeveloped
  • the roots of success patterns; how risk, uncertainty, and failure will affect you
  • what depths of courage, conviction, and resilience you possess
  • why you sometimes feel you have a hand tied behind your back 

Business demands are upping the ante for changing the way we do things, knowing how your influencers shaped thinking and values is extremely critical for adapting to new norms and bringing others along with you.

The more you know and understand your key patterns and the conditions that cause a strength to shift to a liability gives you the power to navigate your way through complexity, unpredictability, diversity, and difficult dynamics with increased proficiency.

Discover Your Behavior Fingerprints© provides information that is as unique as your fingerprints. The revelations will focus your customized development, and equip you with the ability to create better strategies when facing significant challenges.

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 A Window on Habits™
A practical framework for interpreting behavior

Window on Habits is a simple, effective method for:

  • identifying learned behaviors that can be adapted
  • naming the dynamics you are dealing with and what you do/don’t own
  • discerning the difference between deficits and differences
  • increasing ability to handle conflict, disagreements and problem solving
  • assessing situations that impact functional or strategic working relationships
  • choosing ways to influence thinking when things need to be done differently

You will be able to ask the right questions in the right way to help others take responsibility for resolving conflicts and accountability for outcomes. Since execution depends upon behavior, every leader needs a simple, fast way to connect with their people and move problem solving and decision making along.

In the past, a leader’s power depended on the resources that a person controlled and gaining employees’ compliance. Today, leaders need to be able to influence others to think, engage, and challenge the status quo.

Each generation brings a different set of coping strategies, attitudes, and ways for handling operations, technology, and business relationships. Now, power depends upon the leaders’ ability to bring out employees’ diversity of thought and to encourage them to find better ways to adapt behavior to keep the business moving forward.

A Window on Habits is a practical look into the modus operandi of the people you rely on to achieve outcomes. Data is important but so are critical nuances that have an impact on working relationships.

We’re up to our necks in technology and data. Viewing the situation through a behavior framework quickly brings clarity to perplexing people dynamics. Clarity equips you to zero in on the right approach to engage and influence others in resolving situations that are blocking progress.

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Types of Coaching

Custom Coaching one-to-one

Custom coaching includes identifying beliefs and behavior patterns that contribute to and/or interfere with personal productivity—examining required competencies and increasing effectiveness in working relationships at all levels. During our sessions, we interpret relevant situations from multiple perspectives, acknowledge obstacles and opportunities, transform pressure into a positive force, and determine ways to leverage current tendencies, competencies, and resources.

If you have a particular in-house assessment or tool that’s important to your company’s leadership development program or management code of conduct, we can discuss how to link those findings with your coaching.

Targeted One-to-one coaching

Targeted coaching focuses on one issue with the intention to close the gap between what’s happening and what needs to be happening.  We identify customized approaches that fit your needs and situation. Targeted coaching is ideal for urgent situations.

Specialty Coaches

When expertise is required that I don’t possess, I recommend someone in my network of professional colleagues or clients to help you handle the situation.

Learning Labs

A learning lab is focused on a particular development need where participants need to adapt behaviors to achieve higher levels of proficiency. It uses a coaching methodology to equip the right people with the right skills to change their thinking and skill sets. A learning lab can be training for those who are implementing or development for managers who need to enable others to change their actions.

All learning labs include a combination of diagnosis, discovery, and development. The degree and depth varies, depending upon the participants’ needs, those of their roles, and their work situation. A learning lab can be an alternative or adjunct to one-to-one coaching. Ideally, there are two to eight participants with similar development focus, and everyone has an existing baseline of skills.

Learning labs can be on-site, off-site, or virtual.

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We will work together to create a package that uniquely fits your situation.

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