Right Coach

Is Judi the right coach for you?

If you’re looking for someone who has proven they can help leaders through complex change and transition, welcome to my world. I deal with these leaders every day. You have probably already read on my other pages the testimonials from the leaders who have seen the results after we worked together. My coaching works. People I coach see themselves differently, think differently and, as a result, adapt their behavior to influence outcomes.

If resolving challenges and tough situations has been how you’ve built your successful reputation, then change is familiar to you. But if you are facing a change unlike any other you’ve encountered, I hear you. You’re not alone. Situations like this require interpretation to determine why this kind of struggle was doable then and so difficult now. When a quick thinking, decisive person becomes indecisive because they are second guessing themselves, it usually affects many other people. There are excellent decision-making tools available but when those no longer work for you, I have ways to help you breakthrough the inertia of indecisiveness and get things moving again.

If you find time is running out and you need help fast but are concerned with how long it will take to get traction working with a new coach, I’m likely a good fit. In one four hour session, we can have a clear picture of your situation and the possibilities. To me an accurate diagnosis is far more valuable than chasing potential solutions. Why wait two to three months to get traction, when you can get clarity in your first session?

If you know that you’re part of the problem but can’t name what that is, you are in the right place. I’ve been helping clients make sense of why they are stalled. Not only do we name the what and why, we work out how to get moving again. Imagine what would happen if we interpreted the mystery and you regained clear thinking again?   My clients frequently comment that I make sense of things in easily understood ways. I use vivid analogies to sum up a situation, and that’s thanks to my mother tongue being sign language. It is natural for me to talk in pictures.

If you’re proud of how you have evolved into a diplomat when handling relationships but you’re mired in a conflict that is perplexing and affecting too many others. I hear you. I have helped clients untangle difficult dynamics due to conflict, power struggles and hard ball competitiveness. I am candid. I say what others often won’t, and I will take the time to interpret what that means to you and your situation. I am going to bring into focus what others see when they interact with you. We will work on leveraging your strengths and sharpen the focus for your development efforts to enable you to improve how you get results.

If you have already been through an array of assessments and have a decent grasp of your strengths and areas for development, I congratulate you. But you and I both know that in today’s rapidly changing world of business models and management, you are never done learning, growing, and developing. We live in dynamic times, and you can build on your strengths to become even better at handling complexity, unpredictability, and diverse relationship dynamics.

We live in a very visual, competitive, digital world, and there’s little opportunity to fly under the radar. As I see it, you don’t need to be on the cover to increase your impact and influence. Perception management can help you leverage what you have to achieve greater results.

If you can relate to someone who has transformed from a workaholic to a productive and healthy lifestyle, I’m likely a good fit. If you prefer someone who has achieved a long, successful track record of working with management talent from a broad range of industries and functional areas, we should talk.

If you have read this far and are still interested in leadership coaching that gets results, call me at 416.761.1533 or e-mail me at judiwalsh@askcorporate.ca.

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