Learn more about how these companies applied coaching to help leaders in transition, deal with difficult situations, or develop stronger individual perception management skills. To find out more about how I work, and to find out if there will be a good fit between your needs and what I offer, click here.

Executive teams have partnered with ASK Corporate since 1985 to develop and retain their valuable people.  Wise executives recognize the need to support critical players as they transition themselves and their teams to greater accountabilities.
When putting a bold business plan into practice, the skill sets suitable for a stable environment are often inadequate to deal with the speed of execution required.  Middle management invariably finds itself caught between driving change and maintaining business results.

Examples of national, regional, and local projects:

  • High-potential and high-performer development programs
  • Succession plan candidates boosting skills
  • Development and retention for the top 100 company contributors
  • Major reorganization support for senior leaders and their directors
  • Assessment of senior managers’ readiness and resilience for bold changes
  • Culture change beginning with shifting the leadership team’s behavior
  • Navigation skills for middle managers driving change
  • Acquisition integration for the core operational management team
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