Behavior Audit – Finance/Technical

As a finance/technical leader, what do you need to handle a more senior role with expectations of being more socially sensitive and perceptive to others?


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1. Improve how I challenge others to meet higher expectations

2. Reduce the number of complaints about how I get results

3. Increase the ability to be diplomatic when under pressure

4. Increase my ability to problem solve and gain alignment

5. Improve how I give feedback at all levels

6. Increase my ability to handle disagreements and conflicts

7. Improve the process for making difficult decisions

8. Increase my adaptability and flexibility levels

9. Increase my ability to listen actively to others’ input

10. Reduce my hesitation to ask for support in resetting priorities

11. Increase my ability to receive and consider criticism

12. Better understand why what I say leaves a negative impression

13. Increase my engagement levels with clients and colleagues

14. Reduce the mistrust that exists within my team

15. Be more attuned to others’ needs and issues

16. Be open to discussing others’ perspectives and opinions

17. Increase my ability to establish credibility with diverse stakeholders

18. Improve how I delegate and monitor projects

19. Reduce my tendency to be skeptical and mistrusting

20 Increase my ability to establish clear expectations

21. Be more tolerant of those who need additional guidance

22. Be better at dealing with interpersonal dynamics and conflict

23. Decrease my defensiveness when disagreeing

24. Increase my ability to take a stand whether by arguing or persuading

25. Increase my ability to build trusting relationships

26. Increase the level of support I give my team and peers

27. Improve how I develop external and internal relationships

28. Be clearer when defining efficiency and effectiveness

29. Improve how I help others deal with change and uncertainty

30. Be better at coaching and developing my team members




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