Behavior Audit – Experienced Leader

As an experienced leader, what do you need to become better at handling a more complex or senior role?


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1. Increase my tolerance levels for risk, unpredictability, and ambiguity

2. Leverage my experience to inspire confidence in others

3. Pay attention to how increased pressure affects individuals

4. Reduce my sense of feeling like an outsider

5. Clearly explain the what and why behind business challenges

6. Educate others regarding what goes into decision making and judgment     calls

7. Increase clarity regarding expectations of accountability and     responsibility

8. Reduce reliance on operational aspects and become more strategic in my     thinking

9. Reduce communication silos and set up frameworks to strengthen     collaboration between business units

10. Learn to nuance my messages for a wider circle of audience levels

11. Increase my ability to engage others to prepare for transitions where       we’re required to adapt behaviors and processes

12. Implement problem-solving processes that will save time and reduce       conflict

13. Include more acknowledgement in my feedback to others

14. Improve how I give critical feedback to others.

15. Educate others about the linkages between strategy and outcomes

16. Increase my team’s ability to handle disagreements in respectful ways

17. Learn better relationship building skills especially for strategic       relationships

18. Develop a more professional communication approach

19. Improve my team’s ability to see behaviors that impede our working       well together

20. Be less defensive when criticized or under pressure

21. Delegate more and be clear regarding short term and long term       priorities

22. Educate others regarding operational and financial implications

23. Develop stronger relationships with my peers

24. Better understand people’s concerns by listening and being responsive

25. Increase my ability to negotiate in meetings that are intense and       competitive

26. Be less judgmental with those who have limited operational experience

27. Increase my team’s ability to embrace diverse perspectives, ask better      questions, challenge the status quo and offer their opinions and      suggestions

28. Find ways to build greater trust in how we’re adapting to a changing       future

29. Increase my ability to use mistakes and successes as opportunities for      developing individuals and the team

30. Convey business unit metrics and identify meaningful individual       metrics




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