Behavior Audit – Emerging Leader

As an emerging leader, what do you need to become better at handling more responsibility and accountability?


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1. Increase ability to handle higher volume demands and complexity

2. Improve how I hold others accountable

3. Increase my ability to build stronger team engagement

4. Develop stronger situational analysis skills

5. Increase my comfort level in asking for management guidance

6. Decrease my tendency to second guess myself

7. Develop higher levels of professional communication

8. Become better at establishing and sticking to priorities

9. Reduce my tendency to over explain

10. Become more intentional and deliberate when influencing outcomes

11. Become more effective at handling disagreements and discord

12. Gain better understanding what’s behind others motives and       resistance

13. Increase my ability to coach and develop others

14. Pay attention to the affects higher demands have on others

15. Improve each person’s ability to quantify their contribution

16. Identify key relationships that can make or break our plans

17. Become better at reading others and how differences affect our       effectiveness

18. Learn ways to handle people who are critical and skeptical

19. Develop greater levels of political competence

20. Become more approachable when I am under pressure

21. Increase my ability to intervene quickly when ‘hot issues’ arise

22. Improve my ability to give positive or critical feedback

23. Reduce my tendency to be impatient or blunt when under pressure

24. Increase my conflict resolution skills

25. Decrease my discomfort level when making demands on others

26. Increase my ability to say and do the right thing at the right time

27. Discover effective ways to handle my shift from peer to leader

28. Improve my ability to intervene in power struggles

29. Increase my ability to handle criticism leveled at me

30. Increase my negotiation skills

31. Learn ways to rebuild strained relationships

32. Become deliberate in repositioning how others see me

33. Improve my delegation skills

34. Be open and respectful of others opinions and points of view

35. Increase my social sensitivity and perceptiveness with others




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