What Fuels Conviction?

From out of the blue, a coaching client I worked with eight years ago called. He updated me on his current Wheel of Life, and we compared it with the one we completed during our first coaching session. Wow—what a positive difference! We also discussed what had contributed to his success.

From a coaching standpoint, what stood out was his self-awareness of what he needed to do to bring out his best talents while still taking care of his career, health, and family. He said that he had used such self-awareness as a compass to help him say no to roles that while interesting were not really aligned with his specific needs.

Saying no was perhaps a bit risky at times, but after eight years, being able to say yes to the right things had resulted in an extremely satisfying career and home life.

As a subject matter expert, he has no plans to retire. His experience, influence, and the solid relationships he has built mean that he can contribute passionately to interesting projects on his own terms for as long as he chooses.

Not all the changes or challenges have been easy, but he now knows the why behind his actions.

And knowing the why is an essential component of self-awareness and conviction that you need to have to direct your own life.



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