Utilize This Hidden Asset – It’s a Game Changer

Perception Management LensPicture this…

You see the ways your industry is being challenged. It’s obvious you will need to do something different in order to last another fifteen years.

You have solid education, extensive experience, a high degree of passion and commitment. Many other people have similar career assets.

You catch yourself asking “what is it I need to do to fill the gap?”

What’s changed? 

  • Business models have been reshaped by data.
  • Power has been redistributed.
  • What used to be considered an asset may now be viewed as a
  • Everyone’s ability to influence is not equal.
  • Hard work is essential however by itself it does not portray your value.

Sensors have been a huge game changer. They are everywhere collecting data: in our cars, homes, on our bodies, in our personal devices. We leave a perpetual trail.

Here’s my take – I regularly see individuals underutilizing change management skills that they could take to much higher levels. To me, individual perception management can impact your level of influence in similar ways that data did to reshape business models.

A hidden asset residing within each of us is a set of thinking and sensory skills that can enhance effectiveness. Developing your perception management skills is a game changer that can help you close the gap. The way you drive change will stand out – serving your current needs and building a solid base for the future.

In an earlier post, I listed why managing change was getting tougher and more complex. We forget that plans don’t implement, it’s the people that make it happen. Perception management skills can significantly enhance an individual’s ability to engage and influence.

What are the consequences of not building these skills? Today’s relentless pace of change will only increase. We’ve observed or experienced instances where someone missed opportunities because they:

  • were inept at reading people and missed cues and nuances
  • neglected to vary their talk between ten, twenty or thirty thousand foot levels
  • hoped hard work and long hours would send the right messages
  • stuck to a sales script instead of sincere research and active listening
  • believed their revenues were safe due to a long-standing relationship

How could you take your perception management skills to higher levels?  

Develop your people reading skills. Individuals reveal much about themselves through behavior. Anyone can learn to interpret behavior based on needs.

Talk less, say more. The less time you have with a key stakeholder, the more you need to ensure you are on point.

Keep your sensors charged. Acceptance needs vary by individual. However, when we get what we need, we may relax instead of dialling up our sensors to engage more fully.

Ask quality questions. They reveal much to others about the depth of your thinking and preparation.

To implement bold change plans with greater success, you need game changers that fit your circumstances. In the next few posts, I will share additional ones that have equipped clients to drive change in remarkable ways.

Judi Walsh is a speaker and leadership coach with extensive experience working in change management implementation. She specializes in coaching management talent through transitions, perception management, and adaptability. Clients say her presentations are “eye opening”, relevant, engaging and readily put into practice. Learn more here.


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