Uh-Oh, I’ve Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew!

A client admitted that he might have bitten off more than he can chew. His business is going through some serious challenges. Add to that the unexpected and the management team has a serious case of indigestion. Constantly focused on what is right for his business, he stepped up and said yes to managing additional priorities for the interim.

But there’s a huge gap between saying I will and actually putting a commitment into practice. It’s not just him but his entire team that has to step up as well. Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew? If so, you’ve probably spent many a sleepless night second-guessing yourself and your decision.

At times like these you need to step back and get a sounding board. Why?

Well, it’s a bit like having Thanksgiving dinner with family where you’re encouraged to eat more than is sensible and then get stuck having to clean your plate rather than offend anyone. You know that the consequence of overeating will be to suffer for a few days. Yet, you let that happen rather than determining your limits and devising tactful ways to express those limits before you sit down.

Beware—an efficient, operational mindset is an asset but can become a liability during an overload situation. Before there is no turning back, you need others’ input and to run a virtual movie of what’s ahead—risks and all.

Seeing differently encourages critical thinking. Clear perspectives make it easier to devise clear messages that help preserve competence, confidence, and trust.

BTW:  When it is all behind you, consider reflecting on why you said yes. Knowing what drives you to say yes in these situations is extremely valuable self-knowledge especially if you work in a lean culture.  Replay is a self directed coaching tool that enables you to quickly learn from an experience.

Share:  What happened when you bit off more than you could chew?  How did you get into and out of the situation? What would you do differently next time?



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