Does Your Communication Include the Power of Presence?

Power of Presence Picture This...

You invest hours preparing for your fifteen minute part in a presentation. It’s an opportunity to showcase you and your abilities to senior management. You intent is to land on their talent radar. Unfortunately, their questions reveal that they misunderstood your message. The next time you present what could you do differently?

You are not alone. Many managers have yet to learn how to leverage their assets. They have not identified ways to effectively represent themselves or communicate with others to the best of their abilities. It requires honing various communication skills to create a thoughtful presentation and inject presence into your message.

To influence the perceptions and behavior of those around you, you will need to:

  • read people and predict their behavior
  • persuade those with different views to consider your point of view
  • create a personal brand that broadcasts your positive reputation
  • manage and control your online reputation
  • perform effective damage control when things go wrong
  • stop avoiding  a difficult conversation that must take place
  • resolve interpersonal  conflicts in working relationships

 Perception can affect the outcome much more than intention or content. Consistently successful communicators know they need to be aware of the way others perceive them.

Increase the impact of your message, by considering these two questions:

How will your audience filter your message?

Learn about their biases and preconceptions and the underlying values they hold. The more you can speak their language, the better they understand you.

How will you deliver your message?

Becoming clear about what you want the audience to remember you for will help you align what you say with how you deliver your message.

Make that next opportunity a better one. Invest time in learning the role perception plays in being understood and influencing hearts and minds. That will help you land on the talent radar.

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