HIS-Learning Labs

Learning labs can be on-site, off-site, or virtual. Some examples of managers and directors taking their skills up a few notches:

Improving Presentation skills

Baseline:  have taken presentation skills training and presented for at least two years
Reason: Internal and external audiences are more discerning in their information consumption. Shift focus from this is what our department is doing for you to identifying audience perspectives and tailoring the message to those perspectives.

Hosting conference call meetings

Baseline:  have chaired conference calls for at least two years
Reason:  most have chaired or participated in these calls but not reflected on the effectiveness. Shift focus from it’s another meeting following the same script to a greater awareness of the audience experience and tightening up the opening, closing, and participation elements of the meeting.

Preparing the management team for the physical integration of two departments

Baseline:  two long-term managers with very different styles moving into one location
Situation:  two departments at different ends of a facility merged into one new location
Reason:  For integration, the culture will be set in a few short months by what you pay attention to or ignore. Managers will require a different set of strategic and interpersonal skills to oversee a successful integration. Improve their communication skills to better convey higher expectations and accountabilities for all employees. Equip the managers with skills to handle transition issues and increased conflict during the initial 90 days.

Most of the steps I use in one-to-one coaching apply to a learning lab.

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