Sticking to Priorities: Easy or Difficult?

September often signals a change of pace. For many, summertime is more flexible and spontaneous. Whether through reality or perception, summer schedules often give you wider latitude to follow rhythm time rather than clock time. As we all know heavily scheduled days and nights can chain you to clock time.

Did you notice a change of pace in your life this summer?

Was that by default or design on your part?

Being able to stick to priorities is a challenge that seems never ending. Developing the ability to prioritize effectively takes discipline, effort, and sometimes courage. We work in times where there is always more to do and learn. Even that new software program that promised to save you eons of time has a steeper learning curve than the brochure promised.

I am learning two new software programs. I now know that user friendly doesn’t necessarily mean simple. I have witnessed a 13 year old zipping through the programs. Perhaps that is my clue that I need a teen tutor in order to stick to these learning priorities.

Are you one of those people revered for execution ability at work yet have personal priorities piling up out of sight?

If this tendency is holding the control lever on your life instead of you, it can seriously hinder your health, relationships, and quality of life. Being on top of priorities means different things to different people. When doing more is not an option, you must adapt your standards to fit the circumstances. To a busy person, it is ensuring you acknowledge and honor personal essentials in order to maintain your edge of effectiveness and a sense of satisfaction with what matters most in your life.

Thankfully I am disciplined with my fitness goals and cross training adds variety and flexibility to my routines. I have learned to focus on the vitality derived as a result of the workout rather than the effort in the workout itself. The reward outlives the effort and fuels my discipline.

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